About Us

GreenGab PR is an independent music PR company specialising in national and regional press campaigns.

GreenGab was founded in 2009 by Gaby Green. After some years working with various PR companies where she felt she didn’t fully connect with the genres they worked in, Gaby decided to set up her own company, quite simply to represent only music she truly believes in. Therefore, we specialise in Americana, singer-songwriters, classic soul, blues, roots and rock music.

Gaby started her career in the music industry working as a broadcast assistant on Bob Harris’ BBC Radio 2 Saturday show, where she still is a member of the team. This experience opened up a whole range of previously unknown artists to her, and helped her explore the world of Americana, of which she is a real champion and devotee.

While many PRs seem to take anything on for a cheque, regardless of quality, GreenGab PR believes in liaising closely with management and the artists themselves to develop a good working relationship and friendship to drive a campaign. We work with the policy of quality over quantity, so GreenGab doesn’t take on a hundred different projects all at once but a select few, to make each project a real high priority.

Past campaigns have included Jon Allen, Solomon Burke, Ruby Turner, Davy Knowles, Sandi Thom, Hey Negrita, The Martin Harley Band, Robinson, Thomas Dybdahl, Ruarri Joseph and Mamas Gun, to name a few.

We also work closely with various radio plugging companies and online PRs, and are quite happy to point you in the right direction if you are searching for such contacts.

T: 0207 625 7951 | M: 07968 199 617 | E: gaby@greengabpr.co.uk